Biorepository Services

Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management offers standard and long-term biological sample storage. This includes storage infrastructure, flow management, and location and management of sample data. We use one database for our centralized global studies services. This allows you to view specific samples and the storage facilities they are located in. We store biological samples at a variety of temperatures, including cold chain storage requirements of blood, plasma, urine, faeces, tissues, serum, biopsies, cell cultures, paraffin blocks, DNA, and other substances.

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Biological Samples Logistics

We offer time and cost-efficient biological samples logistics services to our clients, creating bespoke sample logistics solutions tailored to your clinical trial’s needs. Part of our GCLP aligned process is ensuring strategic collaboration with clients, clear instructions, complete sample traceability, and aliquots in a way that ensures the correct identification of our clients’ biospecimens.

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Biological Sample Collection Kits

In Europe, Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management offers design and assembly services for sample collection kits. We create custom designs for collecting materials utilising an expert level documentation process. This includes manuals, labels, and shipping documents. We also offer ambient and frozen shipping boxes along with combined and cooled shippers that are IATA-compliant.

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Biological Sample Management services

Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management handles more than biorepository services, samples logistics, and sample collection kit design and assembly. We also offer sample de-identification, consultations, and project management services.

Learn more about our years of experience, our team of agile BSM experts, and the success we have had managing our customers’ biological samples in this case study outlining how we provided integrated biomedical sample management (BSM) services to a global pharmaceutical company for a multicentre study.

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As a leading provider on a global scale, Clinigen is committed to delivering fully integrated biological sample logistics solutions. With a 25+ year track record and 3M+ stored samples to date, we tailor our services to the exact needs of our clients.