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Top 4 challenges to overcome for effective biological sample management

The safe transport, handling and storage of biological samples is a cornerstone of successful research projects and clinical trials. However, challenges can appear in keeping samples safe, properly preserved, and organised. Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has spent the last two decades partnering with research groups that want peace of mind when it comes to storing their biological samples.

Improper biospecimen management can involve missing or mixed up samples, missing data, delays in reporting results, and poorly organised biospecimen logistics. This mismanagement can dramatically affect the outcome of a clinical trial, leading to higher costs, sample and data loss, samples becoming unusable, and other preventable problems. Read on to learn more about the key challenges and pain points to consider and how to overcome them.



Biological samples for a study are often collected from all over the world, but need to be stored in one safe location. When choosing a biological sample management provider, select one that offers global sample transportation. Transporting samples safely on a global scale requires specific knowledge and expertise and should be handled by a biological sample logistics provider with proven experience.

Clinigen has global logistics experience moving biospecimens through customs and can manage samples through our international network of depots. We have professional procedures set in place to ensure the safe transportation of biological samples in multicentre studies. Thanks to being part of the global network of Clinigen Group, we have access to storage facilities worldwide.



Collaborating with an experienced biological sample management service provider greatly reduces the risk of samples being compromised or misplaced. Choose a provider that makes sample safety, integrity and security a priority.

Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has 25+ years of experience providing secure and safe BSM services. We have the relevant backup systems and alert systems required for sample safety and security, including 24/7 alert systems allowing our clients to monitor samples at any time.

Learn how Clinigen's biomedical sample management expertise provided an integrated solution for a client's complex global study, improving traceability and reducing risks and costs:

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Many larger sample management service providers do not have the ability to provide custom solutions and pricing for small storage projects. As a result, many organisations pay the premium to store their samples with these providers. Or, they have to manage samples in-house, which is another very expensive option.

Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management offers competitive pricing and custom solutions for our clients. We understand your needs and don’t charge premiums for unique, small storage projects.



It is time-consuming and costly for scientists and lab technicians to manage samples. In many cases, sample management is not a core capability of lab technicians. To make the process of sample management as efficient as possible, work with a bio sample management expert that can streamline the process.

At Clinigen, we tailor a logistics programme around your trial’s needs, coming up with innovative solutions (e.g. over tubing). Instead of working with multiple vendors, you can benefit from having one point of contact, one solution, and one contract.


CHOOSING YOUR PARTNER for effective biosample management

Flawless management of clinical trial biospecimens is critical: correct handling has a big impact on both the course and the results of clinical trials. A well-planned logistics strategy for biomedical samples collected during clinical trials is essential to cutting costs and optimising quality. At Clinigen, we commit to ensuring regulatory compliance, quality, and sample integrity by offering the best storage conditions at various temperatures, including cryostorage, for different phases of your clinical trials.

We provide flexible, integrated solutions that include organising the transport of samples; storing biological samples in our biorepository, and establishing a complete and verified list of stored biological samples.

By efficiently managing costs, avoiding missing samples or data, and other preventable problems, we take the worry and stress out of biological sample management.

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As a leading provider on a global scale, Clinigen is committed to delivering fully integrated biological sample logistics solutions. With a 20+ year track record and 3M+ stored samples to date, we tailor our services to the exact needs of our clients.