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Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management Unveils New Expanded Facilities in the US & Europe

Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has demonstrated exponential growth over the past five years. As demand for our services continues, we’re making more room for the increase in clinical trial supply needs and clinical supply chain management in the USA and Europe by adding new satellite sites, expanded warehouse spaces, and ultra-low storage capabilities. Read on to discover how these changes to our global facilities can better support your trial.

In Brussels, Belgium, we substantially augmented our GMP biological sample storage capacities by building out our warehouse spaces: we doubled our freezer storage capacity with the instalment of over 300 new freezers and added a mezzanine. We also increased our capacity for liquid nitrogen storage with a new external LN2 tank, further solidifying our commitment to investing in cell and gene therapy support.

In Frankfurt, Germany, recent increases in our clinical trial supplies services have led us to nearly double in size by adding 2200 m2 of warehouse space with new walk-in cold rooms and packaging rooms as well as new -80°C freezers.

At our site in Malvern, PA, we are experiencing the same level of growth. We have added a facility less than a mile from our existing location, expanding our GMP storage capacity and distribution. In addition, we have consolidated and moved all of our biological sample storage capabilities in Pennsylvania to this site, which has doubled our storage capacity. To service projects at -80°C, we have also installed a CO2 bulk tank and dry ice machine.

Finally, at our facility in Fargo, ND, we are currently developing a new satellite site near our existing facility to provide additional cold chain storage as well as increased warehouse space for our Returns and Destruction and Distribution and Warehousing departments. We will be fully operational at this site by 2022.

We’re eager to see how these extensions will further drive our efforts to tailor our services to the growing needs of our clients and are looking forward to welcoming you at our new sites.

As part of Clinigen Group’s supply chain facility and depot network, our clients can benefit from a specialist global infrastructure with competitive pricing and local market knowledge. With our 24+ year track record in delivering tailored clinical supplies solutions, our global footprint allows us to support you wherever you may be.

How can our new facilities support your study? Contact us to learn more.

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