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Society is evolving rapidly, changing the way we communicate and modifying our behaviours and expectations. We live in an era of personalisation and, with patients taking more control of their own health and treatment options, the advantages and challenges of different clinical trial methods are magnified.

Traditional clinical trial models can have difficulty keeping up with modern challenges, especially given the current context of the global health pandemic. The traditional method of patients visiting their clinical trial site to pick up medication can disrupt the patient’s day-to-day life. Today, this can be minimised by sponsors implementing a Direct-to-Patient (DtP) model into their study design.

Patient recruitment and retention are two of the main challenges for clinical trials. In traditional clinical trials, the location of a trial site can have an impact on patient engagement. For example, if it is too far from the relevant patient pool, patients may not be able or willing to make the lifestyle interruptions needed to take part in the trial. With clinical supplies prepared, packaged, labelled, and then shipped directly to the home of the patient or caregiver, DtP ensures that trial participants are no longer required to visit the clinical site (this incentive becomes heightened in light of COVID-19 health concerns).

The flexibility DtP provides ensures that the treatment can be administered at the patient’s home and based on their own schedule. It puts the patient in charge and removes the burden on them, thus empowering them and in turn positively impacting patient engagement for the trial.


Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management has designed a Direct-to-Patient program which provides a highly customisable solution per patient and per protocol. With a 10+ year track record in Direct-to-Patient, we have delivered over 8,000 DtP shipments to trial participants and have worked with over 100 clinical sites.

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