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Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management is committed to working closely with you and your team to better plan, prepare, and manage your study. Many challenges can occur when planning the set-up and design of a study. No matter how complex your clinical trial supply challenges are, our twenty-plus years of experienced supply chain management consulting allows our team to bring the expertise and background, ensuring a smooth supply process.

We treat every client as a highly valued partner of ours, guiding them through the day-to-day steps while ensuring their success at the same time, every step along the way.

Our experienced clinical trial project management team oversees your entire study from start to finish, providing exceptional, personalised customer service with a high level of flexibility and agility.


Clinical Trial Project management consulting

Treating every client as a partner, our team guides them through the day-to-day steps with expert clinical trial consulting. These strategic, highly competent supply chain management consultants ensure consistent successes throughout the duration of your project.

We oversee your entire study from start to finish, providing knowledgeable and exceptional customer service as well as rapid turnaround times. 

Clinigen Clinical Supplies Management is focused exclusively on clinical trials and brings a high level of expertise to every supply chain management consulting project, ensuring we apply the best methods and practices to your specific clinical study.

Our client-focused management approach allows us to quickly adapt our services as your study evolves.

Clinical Trial Project Management Consulting Services Include:

Your Clinigen team also includes a backup clinical support services project manager who can seamlessly take control of your project if the lead clinical trial project manager is unavailable.

Furthermore, for global clinical trials, Clinigen provides a project manager in one of our EU sites which specifically works to globally assist and manage activities with the whole project management team.

Our agile team of project managers is available at any time for updates or inquires and can ensure that they are up to date and familiar with all aspects of the clinical trial.


Clinical Spuuply Chain Management Conculting Services


Clinical Supply Chain Management Consulting Services

Clinigen’s supply chain management consultants spend the time necessary to get to know every client, ensuring every step in the clinical supply chain meets their precise needs in order to create customisable solutions.

From customising clinical trial study designs to applying cost-effective methods for the clinical supply chain, every step of the way we help clients plan and execute projects of all sizes and scopes.

Our customer-centric focus will make your clinical study more efficient, thereby reducing costs and improving outcomes.

Clinigen gives your study a clear advantage. Our highly-trained, accomplished team is empowered to provide high levels of agility and state-of-the-art clinical services. This is how we can easily accommodate any sudden changes that occur during your clinical study.

Clinical Trial Supply Chain Management Consulting Services:




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As a leading provider on a global scale, Clinigen is committed to delivering fully integrated logistics services to our clients. Over 50% of the studies we are supporting are multi-national and we organise shipments to 110+ countries.