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At Clinigen, our team commits to providing you with a safer, more efficient way to secure your sourcing needs for comparator products in clinical trials. We do this by granting you access to our global network of manufacturer relationships, exclusive agreements, and audited third-party wholesalers and distributors.

Our Clinigen Trial Sourcing team successfully combines a unique focus on clinical trial packaging & labelling with market-leading comparator drug sourcing. With over 350 employees to date, our team is dedicated to supporting clinical trials across the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. 

Working hand in hand with our clients, we offer bespoke customer service and provide the highest quality comparator drugs and ancillary supplies. In the last five years alone, we have sourced, and delivered, over 2.5 million units worldwide, including 7000-plus different products across 13,000 different orders.


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When Sourcing Comparators And Other Commercial Medicines, We Offer:

  • Smart sourcing strategies that keep your clinical trial spend within a budget
  • Deep knowledge and established relationships across the manufacturer landscape, including over 50 innovator accounts
  • Unrivalled access to medicines and ancillaries, working directly with a global network of manufacturers and audited third party suppliers
  • Technical guidance and consultancy with support from our experts, including physicians, pharmacists, Qualified Persons, and the biggest regulatory team in the field
  • A global depot and logistics network with local, regional, and central distribution capabilities shipping to over 110 countries. Whether your product is ambient, controlled room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen our global footprint ensures the medicine gets to sites quickly, safely, in the right quantities, and accurately labelled
  • A bespoke IT platform designed for clinical supplies and including web-based inventory monitoring
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A Strategic Approach To Comparator Drug Sourcing

The Clinigen team takes a strategic approach to comparator sourcing for clinical trial supplies. We work with sponsors during study design in order to provide comprehensive market assessments that identify the suitable comparator products, co-medications, and ancillary supplies for clinical trials. 

We have twenty-plus years of experience and expertise in clinical trial supplies solutions to fully support the needs of your global clinical trials. Our team has managed the clinical supply chain for over 700 global trials and comparator studies.

Overall, we have designed a clinical trial sourcing, packaging, and distribution strategy that reduces waste and is cost-effective and utilises our global depot network to ensure that comparator products in clinical trials are always on hand.

Building Successful Comparator Drug Sourcing Relationships

What success factors are involved in making comparator drug sourcing relationships work? With Clinigen, you work with a team that is committed to your deadlines. We are locally-based, so you have a single point of contact committed to your study. Our Account Managers have extensive experience working with organisations of all shapes and sizes and are driven to devise tailored solutions for your clinical trial needs. 

What’s more, our direct relationships with suppliers allow us to deliver quotes within 48 hours, and we provide an open analysis of the best sourcing options; whether that be Direct, Indirect, Hybrid, or Central, Regional, or Local. 

Our deep knowledge of the products we are sourcing and the clinical and/or commercial supply chains required further allows us to provide clients with a strategic and advisory approach. We are committed to providing you with the best tools for successful outcomes and cost-efficiency: by planning the necessary support for the lifetime of the trial, you can avoid shortages as well as wastage.



Success stories

“On behalf of my team, I would like to express our sincere thanks to Clinigen for your extraordinary work and dedication. We would not have been able to meet our clinical program goal without your heroic effort.”

Vice President of Technical Operations, BioPharma Company

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As market leaders in Comparator Sourcing, Clinigen offers smart and flexible strategies to provide you with unrivalled access to medicines and ancillaries. From exclusive distribution agreements to On-Demand sourcing, we pioneer new supply strategies to help your trial run as efficiently as possible and eliminate long lead times.