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DECEMBER 2022 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Cell and gene therapies require specific frozen cold-chain and storage capabilities. Learn how to ensure the integrity of your product with the right cold-chain clinical supplies management methods.



Therapies and cold-chain requirements are increasingly complex. Here's how sponsors can ensure their clinical trial supply chains can keep up with industry trends.

International Clinical Trials, Autumn 2022, pages 40-42. © Samedan Ltd


JUNE 2022 (Clinical Trials Insight)

The increase in pressure on the supply chain can put a trial’s clinical supplies management at risk. Learn how to equip your study with a solid supply programme from the onset to mitigate the impact of external influences.


DECEMBER 2021 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Risk-based optimisation minimises drug waste and reduces costs, all while enhancing patient service levels and accelerating timelines. Learn how to optimise trial supplies and post-trial patient access.


JULY 2021 (Clinical Trials Insight)

COVID-19 is adding to the complexity of clinical trials. Identifying and sourcing suitable comparator products can therefore be a challenge that requires an agile approach. Learn how to effectively source comparator drugs amid a pandemic.


DECEMBER 2020 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Clinical studies are becoming increasingly complex and these complexities are driving up the cost of traditional clinical supply chain services. Learn how to streamline clinical trial supplies and reduce costs through flexible approaches to clinical supply chain management.



We live in an era of personalisation and with patients taking more control of their own health and treatment options, the advantages and challenges of different clinical trial methods are magnified. Learn about how a Direct-to-Patient model can improve patient engagement from Sarah Halmrast, VP Global Project Management.


July 2020 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Clinical trials face an unprecedented set of challenges in the time of COVID-19. Discover how our agile approach and the use of Direct-to-Patient can alleviate the pressure on trial sponsors and patients.


June 2020 (Transport Media)

Logistics in Wallonia, Belgium: Market access, infrastructure, and highly qualified workforce. Learn more from David Fontaine, Global VP of Marketing and Sales about what makes Mont-Saint-Guibert, the location of our Belgian facility, the ideal site for clinical trial supplies.


February 2020 (International Clinical Trials)

With patient-centricity high on the agenda, Direct-to-Patient can benefit all stakeholders of clinical trials. Learn more about this convenient and effective method of managing clinical supplies from Brian Swites, SVP of Clinical Services, Clinigen Group.


January 2020 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Study changes, time constraints and many other factors can affect the packaging and labelling of products, putting a clinical trial at risk. Read about how On-Demand packaging and labelling can reduce waste.


December 2019 (Pharma Tech Outlook)

Pharma Tech Outlook recognised us as Top 10 Clinical Trial Management Consulting/Services Companies in Europe 2019. Learn more about our comprehensive supply chain management solutions from Rüdiger Weber, SVP/General Manager EU.


July 2019 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Changing regulations, importation requirements and many other factors can have a negative impact on international trials. Read the article on how to choose the right global clinical supplies partner.


January 2019 (Manufacturing Chemist)

Although the packaging may not be the first factor to be considered when developing new medicines, it can cause great disruption if not handled properly. Read the article in the Manufacturing Chemist on the challenges when packaging for clinical trials.


December 2018 (Pharma Tech Outlook)

Pharma Tech Outlook recognised us as Top 10 Supply Chain Solution Provider 2018. Learn more about our cost-effective and reliable supply chain management solutions.


November 2018 (GEN)

Clinical Supplies Management featured in GEN Magazine – Michael Duda, Vice President of U.S. Biomedical Management Services and David Fontaine, Vice President of Global Marketing and Sales talk about our innovative strategies and unique solutions that ensure sample safety.


November 2018 (Clinical Trials Arena)

Approaching Clinical Trials Where the Air Hurts Your Face: Colin Enz, Validation Manager & Russell Brierley from Lupin Research Inc talk about the key challenges involved in handling cryogenic products and how to address them.


July 2018 (Clinical Trials Insight)

 With the fast-growing industry, along with increased challenges, innovation is key to success. Read about the innovative On-Demand method which can drastically reduce cost and timelines.


January 2018 (Clinical Trials Insight)

Read about the challenges clinical trials are facing due to BREXIT and solutions provided by the Clinical Supplies Management team to overcome them. 

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